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    YUYAO YASS PLUMBING EQUIPMENT FACTORY is a powerful and advanced technology, equipment, innovative, professional production of sanitary ware a new enterprise, have first-class business ideas, a large number of professional and technical personnel, as well as the world's leading technology and equipment, focused on creating stylish bathroom products, well-known brands, is the plumbing industry, a rising star. Products are sold to the city as a starting point Yuyao Jiangnan plumbing, export to Southeast Asia, and the Europe and the united states and other countries.

    "Enjoy a comfortable life, thoughtful self-taste." Should be washed daily fatigue,bathroom is your basic space needs. For you to create a more good taste and comfortable way of life is our Yass's mission to work. Products from design to assembly offinished products, all using high quality taw materials and spare parts, from product development to after-sales service, every product, every step of the strict quality control, Seiko secret agents, in order Improved to ensure the quality of the products to achieve high-end product requirements and standards set has been working to develop a modern, casual, classic, elegant in a Body products.

    Of "winning by quality, and was sincere." We always take the customer's satisfaction as the center, const antly challenging high. "Yass" Every a product Contains a state of mind if the idealistic portrayal if every detail both seem to love most vividly. Humanized design, unique culture, High-quality products, honest prices and efficient service, will be the value of our efforts to pursue a model.

    Yass product, with its particularly innovative solid and perfect structure, waiting for customers at home and abroad visit.

                 Hand shower Series
                 Shattaf Series
                 Top-spout Series
                 Sliding bar Series
                 Dispenser Series
                 Hose Series
                 Braided hose Series
                 Bathroom accessories Series
                 Fittings Series
                 Packing Series
                 Led shower
                 Shower panel
                 Plastic tap
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